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Our team is our most valuable asset.

Our Culture

At Elaflo Consulting, we're a close-knit team that believes in working hard and staying resilient, especially when the going gets tough. We thrive on challenges and are proud of our culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of what we do, and every team member is empowered to bring their best ideas to the table.

Our Team

Our team is the heartbeat of Elaflo Consulting. We're a diverse group of experts from fields like construction, project management, environmental solutions, physical security, infrastructure protection, and architecture. By bringing together different perspectives and skills, we tackle complex challenges and deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients.

We believe in the power of teamwork and the importance of a supportive, inclusive workplace. Our team members are more than just colleagues; they're partners in our clients' success. We value each person's unique skills and work together to achieve our clients goals.

Meet Our Founder

Ms. Brown, a trained architect, is the driving force behind Elaflo Consulting. As a veteran Army Commander, her leadership background allows her to lead with confidence and precision. She has extensive experience across multiple fields, including:

  • Construction

  • Project Management

  • Sustainable & Environmental Management

  • Physical Security

  • Facilities Management

  • Infrastructure Protection

  • Strategic Planning

  • Logistics

  • Architecture for DOD, federal, state, city agencies, and private developers

Ms. Brown is renowned for her innovative problem-solving skills and her expertise in processes and best practices. She has a proven track record of delivering comprehensive solutions and high-quality projects, making her an invaluable asset to any team. Her leadership and vision are the cornerstone of Elaflo Consulting's success.

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